Bumper Repair

Knowing the specific type of bumper (K66, K55, or U23) installed on your pool table helps us select the appropriate parts for the repair.

• K66 – Standard rail used on most pool tables.
• K55 – Typically found on coin-operated pool tables.
• U23 – Less commonly used but still a popular choice.

If you have any further questions or need assistance in finding the right parts, please contact us at (612)254-7859.

table broke

Slate Repair

To order the correct replacement slate, we need the measurements of the current slate. Please provide a picture of the slate taken from the ceiling to ensure the hole measurements match for a successful installation.

Pocket Repair

The type of pocket and how it attaches to the table.

For any other pool table repairs, feel free to contact us by phone or email. It is also helpful to know the make and model of your pool table.

This information ensures an accurate quote and guarantees the availability of the right parts and materials for the job.

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