Different Types of Felt

The pool table’s fabric covering is crucial for the playing surface, impacting both performance and appeal.

303 grade felt is cost-effective and suitable for casual or competitive play.

505 grade felt is designed for highly competitive players, while tournament-grade fabric offers superior performance and durability,  we typically recommend 303 felt to most customers.

Felt comes in standard and worsted varieties. Worsted offers a smoother and faster playing surface, akin to European Pool Tables, but at a higher price point. Standard felt, with its unique fuzzy texture, is more popular.

Our custom felt allows for personalization, such as featuring your logo or favorite sports team. 

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The Re-felting Process

We prioritize care during the felting process. Pliers are used to safely remove all staples from the old felt, 

Quality takes precedence over speed, even though the job could be completed faster by ripping the felt. 

When replacing the felt on the slate, spray adhesive is used for a secure bond, providing a neater alternative to stapling with less potential mess.

To achieve a professional finish, pockets are covered with felt strips, fully enveloping the slate.

Rail felt is included along with the rest of the felt.


How We Quote Re-felts

Felt Grade:
Choose from 303, 505, or Tournament grade.
Felt Color:
Options include Red, Blue, and Green, which are more affordable.
Pool Table Size:
Felt costs increase with the size of the pool table.
Pool Table Location:
Areas within a 30-minute radius of Eau Claire receive the lowest quotes.

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