Moving and Assembly

Tear Down

Our Eau Claire team expertly disassembles and relocates your pool table with care. Specialized equipment safeguards the table and its 150-pound slate, using a custom dolly for secure transport.

We remove the felt meticulously, without tearing strips or leaving staples behind. Although time-consuming, this careful process ensures a quality move, prioritizing safety over speed.

The table is now prepared for its move to the new address.

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First, we will position the table accurately in the room and level the slates using shims. For a bar light, the stud finder identifies the optimal ceiling spot.

Pool table slates have small gaps up to 1/10 inch between them, so beeswax is used to fill the gap.

A machinist level is used for leveling the slates.

If assembled on carpet, the table may settle unevenly and require re-leveling. Our guarantee includes free re-leveling for peace of mind.

Re-felting eliminates potential rips from previous owners. We offer various grades and colors. Contact us for re-felting inquiries.

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Single Slates

Moving pool tables with 1 slate requires special methods due to their weight, with each slate weighing at least 600lbs. It typically takes 2-3 people to carry them.

Many moving companies avoid moving 1 slate tables due to the challenges involved, but we can accommodate most situations. Stairs pose additional difficulties, especially for 8-foot tables, which are often extremely challenging to move.

1 slate tabe


A normal carpenter level is insufficient for leveling a pool table due to the need for precision. Even a slight variation in level can significantly affect the ball’s movement during gameplay.

We employ a machinist level, which is 10 times more precise than a carpenter level, to ensure the pool tables we install reach a near-professional level of play quality.

It’s important to note that many movers in Eau Claire do not use machinist levels. When contacting movers, be sure to inquire about their leveling tools, as some may take advantage of customers’ unfamiliarity with the difference between carpenter and machinist levels.


Number of Slates on table:
1 slates have a higher quote due to weight.
Table Location:
The Eau Claire area and nearby within 1 hour quoted least.
Stairs or corners at location:
A full flight of stairs doesn’t increase quote for 3 slate.
Felt grade (if re-felted):
Options: 303, 505, Tournament.

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tan table

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